Vision and Objectives

About us

The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) was established in September 2021. It posits as a platform for academic researchers and policy practitioners from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and carry out research projects relating to public policy. Members of the CPPR come from all five Schools of the University, representing a truly cross-disciplinary endeavour in the conduct of public policy research. The team has both a strong track record in research publications and in securing externally competitive research funds by the Research Grants Council and the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme by the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office of the HKSAR Government.


Vision and Objectives

CPPR is supported by HSUHK’s Strategic Development Grant. The Centre pledges to support the University’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023 to strengthen the infrastructure for the support of policy studies with a vision to provide informed policy analysis through independent, objective, and nonpartisan research.  



  •  To provide a platform for consolidating faculty members from multidisciplinary background across the University to carry out policy research;

  • To offer a venue for interested faculty members to share ideas and findings in public policy research;

  • To disseminate the findings to the general public and scholarly community and raise public awareness of policy issues and debates; and

  • To act as a bridge between the University and the wider community in the understanding and deliberation of policy issues.

Activity Plan:


  1. Formation of Research Clusters

  2. Initiating collaborative research projects with the research units from different sectors;

  3. Establishing a digital platform of research outputs for knowledge transfer;

  4. Organising workshops, seminars, and events for exchange of ideas and experience with the intellectual communities and the public.